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Inquiry & Research: The 5 Inquiry Pathways: Grounded Theory


Grounded Theory


Antioch Program Resource Tabs -- Resources available through the University or Primary GSLC Materials


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Grounded Theory Tutorial Session Outline

Introduction and Overview

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Shockley, M. E., & Holloway, E. L. (2019). African American women as change agents in the White academy. Race, work, and leadership: New perspectives on the black experience, 253-273 (

Starks, H., & Brown Trinidad, S. (2007). Choose your method: A comparison of phenomenology, discourse analysis, and grounded theory. Qualitative health research17(10), 1372-1380. (

Overview of process, shaping the study/interview question, trustworthiness

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Holloway, E. L., & Schwartz, H. L. (2018). Drawing from the margins: grounded theory research design and EDI studies. In Handbook of research methods in diversity management, equality and inclusion at work. Edward Elgar Publishing. (

GT interviewing and memoing

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Charmaz, K. (2012). The power and potential of grounded theory. Medical sociology online6(3), 2-15. (

GT coding

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Analysis, modeling, and wrap-up

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Selected Bibliographic Resource Tabs -- Books, chapters, articles, and external dissertations

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