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Sage Research Methodology Online

About SRMO

Sage Research Methodology Online​

Books, journals, videos, websites and a virtual community on research methodology from Sage Publishers


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Sage Research Methodology Online

What is it?

Sage Research Methodology Online (SRMO) is specialized search engine & full text database for all methodology content from Sage Publishers, including Sage ebooks, journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and videos.   In addition, here also is Sage's  well regarded Little Green Book series [quantitative] and the Little Blue Book series [qualitative]. 

  • Within SRMO you will be able to search, discover, and download chapters, articles, etc.
  • If you set up a personal account within SRMO, you will be able to create public and private lists [bookshelves] of selected content.
  • Within SRMO there are also  community of practice blogs etc. around methodology topics.

NOTE: SRMO lists items NOT in this archive.

Set your search for AVAILABLE TO ME to find items you can download:

NOTE: Export to REFWORKS has a link within, but it does not provide an automatic although- it downloads an RIS file to your desktop, then you will need to upload this to RW manually.

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