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Inquiry & Research: The 5 Inquiry Pathways: Interviewing and Coding


Interviewing and Coding


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Transcription Software Recommendations:




Transcription Services

Students have used the following transcription services and found them efficient and accurate.

  • From Jody (in HC sector PHD LC) — The transcription service that I used which was really inexpensive ($0.99/audio minute) is called Vanan Services.
  • From Roxanne (in Cross Sector PHD LC)— Go to: go to ADMIN PROFESSIONALS - under there is Transcription - browse freelancers - look for Valerie A. from Kenya
  • Canadian Transcriptionist recommended by David McLean, an alumni of our Phd LC program —  The name of the transcriptionist is Sue Hamilton and her email address is
  • Transcriptionist in United States a little more pricey than some of the others but very professional organization. Barbara at New England Transcriptionist :
  • From Jessica in C15:
  • 1) depending on budget, I've been using as a transcription service for a work project. They do have a student discount. It ends up being about $1/minutes before the discount, but I can't remember exactly how it works and I don't have to pay the bills ;)
    2) if you want to do it yourself and avoid some of the time and hassle, I just did one where I listened to the recording from my computer with headphones, and basically spoke it simultaneously into my phone's Dragon Dictation app. You still have to go back and fix somethings, but it did a great job and was much faster than me typing it myself (and I'm a fast typer.)
  • From Atim C14: I used Express Scribe, a software resource that is available free for non-commercial use.  I actually transcribed my case study interview.  As a consequence, I felt that I was really in touch with the material.  When I had doubts, I referred my questions to my co-researcher.  Here's a link to the You Tube video on the software.


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