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Inquiry & Research: The 5 Inquiry Pathways: Statistics, Modules, and SPSS


Statistics, Modules, and SPSS

Resources related to an array of Statistics, Modules, and SPSS information. Be sure to check tabs for further content and resources.

Antioch Program Resource Tabs -- Resources available through the University or Primary GSLC Materials -- some content password protected

Access to Antioch SPSS Remote and introductory materials on using SPSS

Remote AppsSPSS Clicking on this tab takes you to the AU SPSS Remote Access Link

GSLC dissertations that illustrate various types of statistical analysis


Faculty Authored Material Tabs -- Materials developed by faculty for or in support of residency and inter-residency sessions -- some content password protected

Materials related to correlation, regression and path analysis

Materials related to comparative statistics, including t-tests and ANOVA

Selected Bibliographic Resource Tabs -- Books, chapters, articles, and external dissertations

Including chapters on statistics and SPSS

Including journal articles on statistics and SPSS

External Resource Tabs -- Web links and other non-bibliographic or video resources -- password protected

Video Bank Tabs -- Externally developed on topic videos

This is a very simple straightforward clear description of how to use SPSS to run and read the output tables for descriptive statistics presented by Dr. Michael J. Bernstein from Penn State University.

 A video on the mean, median, and mode by Math Plus Motion, LLC.  This group also has other youtube videos on descriptive statistics.

Youtube video by ANDY FIELD -- author of the popular Discovering Statistics Using IBM Statistics --- a "how to" book covering the full range of types of statistical analysis used in leadership and change research.  This video covers independent t-tests and paired sample t-tests using SPSS.  

Youtube video on reading SPSS results for independent samples t-tests by BrunelASK

Youtube video on reading SPSS results for Paired Sample t-tests by BrunelASK

Youtube covering independent t-tests using SPSS produced by Research by Design, presented by Todd Daniel, PhD.

Youtube covering Levene’s test for Independent samples t-test using SPSS produced by Research by Design, presented by Todd Daniel

Youtube covering paired or matched sample t-tests using SPSS  (for before and after intervention studies), produced by Research by Design, presented by Todd Daniel, PhD

(Simple ANOVA and Post Hoc tests)


These three videos produced by discuss sample size for multiple regression analysis -- a type of correlational research.  

This is an easy-to-understand video by Daniel Storage, PhD from the University of Denver, on correlations.

This video by Doug Krull, PhD of Northern Kentucky University describes correlational research and the possible confounding effects or biases.

This is a very simple straightforward clear description of the easiest type of regression -- simple linear with one dependent and one independent variable -- presented by Dr. Michael J​. Bernstein from Penn State University. Understanding simple linear regression greatly facilitates an understanding of multiple regression analysis.

​This is a series of three short clear you tubes on multiple regression analysis developed and presented by Quantitative Specialists​. They cover the basic information about how to run multiple regression in SPSS, how to understand the SPSS output, and how to describe your findings. Please note that current versions of SPSS may vary slightly from the version used in you tube presentations.