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GSLC Dissertation Support Guide

Important DOI update with APA 7

Starting in APA 7, there is only 1 accepted format for DOIs (links should be live):





Retrieved from

doi:10.1037/arc0000014 (outdated starting with APA 7) (outdated starting with APA 7)

example of finding DOI

Consider this article:


Webler, T., Tuler, S., & Krueger, R. O. B. (2001). What is a good public participation process? Five perspectives from the public. Environmental Management, 27(3), 435–450


Looking the journal up in Google (not through the databases), you eventually find this page:


and it provides you with the DOI: 



You can also look the title up in Crossref and get here:


For articles without an obvious DOI, you’ll need to look to see if they exist- if they do, they are required by APA