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GSLC Dissertation Support Guide

Final Submission and Release - Instructions

Final Submission - Link & Important Documents


  • Once WEX Writing Center has approved the document,  the Librarian sends it to the Chair for Final Approval.
  • With the Chair's Final Approval, the Librarian directs the student to the do the Final Submission on the OhioLink ETD Center Submission Form.  *This submission will go to a holding place, accessible only by the GSLC Librarian.
  • Everything on the form, including name, title, abstract, and keywords, must match that information on the dissertation.
  • The Librarian will replace the submitted document with the official approved copy, review, and correct any erroneous metadata.   
  • Then, the Librarian will build the AURA page from the metadata, the submitted photographs, and the biographical information.   

Submission Form LINK:

*You will be asked to create an Ohiolink ETD account.  Please NOTE your passwords.

**Before submitting, please completely review documents & links below.

Final Release

The Librarian releases the dissertation for immediate publication in AURA and OhioLINK. 

 During the release the dissertation and metadata are sent to ProQuest, which will take several months to publish in their dissertation database.

Release Letter. The Librarian then sends a Release letter to the registrar, chair, and student, noting that all requirements for the dissertation are now fulfilled. The Registrar prepares the student for graduation.   

The Release Letter includes information on publicizing the dissertation and accessing download statistics.