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GSLC Dissertation Support Guide

Key Points for Permissions

Copyright & Permissions


  • Before submission all AU Dissertations are reviewed by the ETD Librarian for compliance with U.S. Copyright law and our best practice guidelines for third party content.
  • ADAPTATIONS of Copyrighted materials - Require Special permissions :   Permission to Reuse AND also Permission to Adapt
  • All Permissions to reuse or adapt go into an Appendix, Permissions.  
  • Please remove all non-essential private information, e.g. addresses from the permissions.

Important documents, including information for permission letters,  and links on the bottom of this box.


Permissions for Third Party Content


All content in your dissertation which you did not create, including words, images, lyrics, maps, instruments, music, photographs, poetry, etc. REQUIRES WRITTEN PERMISSION  EXCEPT for material that falls under:

Most common content for which our students need permission :

  • Poems and lyrics or any part of a poem or lyric
  • Images, including photographs, drawings, clipart
  • Figures and tables from other people's studies
  • Large blocks of text
  • Instruments, tests, surveys, inventories .

Requesting Permissions

  • All dissertations are reviewed by the GSLC Librarian for permission compliance. 
  • Because permissions may take a long time and/or not be attainable, students are strongly advised you review all 3rd party content with the librarian well before the defense.  
  • All dissertations must be in compliance before they are accepted for final approval.  

Ask the GSLC Librarian to help you identify the copyright holder !