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GSLC Dissertation Support Guide

Digital Dissertations

21st Century ETDs are "Born Digital"

PDF with Subset Embedded Fonts

 with optional Supplemental Files in many forms

We do not collect, archive, or require print copies.

Plus Optional Supplemental Files:

  • Spreadsheets, Data Sets,
  • Audio / Video, e.g. Participant Interviews
  • Animations
  • PDFs - Dissertation Summaries for Practitioners, general public
  • Video Author Introductions, which travel with the PDF, but also display and play on the archive landing page.




Font Requirements

Font Requirements - Subset Embedding

To ensure that the dissertation displays correctly, even if the local computer does not know the font, we require subset embedded fonts for all PDFs and Supplemental Files.    Subset embedding ensures that the PDF only "knows" that part of the font set that it uses,  thereby reducing the size of the PDF.

Check to see if your subset embedding worked.

  • open the PDF
  • under the file menu, choose properties
  • each font should indicate subset embedding

closeup of Microsoft word font tab showing fonts that are subset


  • Post Script Type 1 fonts required by Proquest UMI
    "Any legible font except script, italic, or ornamental fonts equivalent in scale to 10pt. Arial or 12pt. Times
    New Roman accepted. Italicized font may be used for non- English words and quotations. Applies to all text including captions, footnotes/endnotes, citations, etc."  Proquest directions
  • Please check your program's dissertation handbook for further departmental font requirements.

DO NOT put your PDF in PDF-A format or lock your PDF

If you cannot get the subset embedding to work, please contact your ETD Librarian.