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GSLC Dissertation Support Guide

Check list for Permission Requests:

1. Identify yourself as a student, writing a dissertation at Antioch University.

2. Request permission to reuse the content in your dissertation

3. State that your dissertation will appear in these places using this language with these links :

a. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Database. ProQuest is a Print on Demand Publisher

b. OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center. OhioLINK ETD Center is an open

access archive

c. AURA: Antioch University Repository and Archive. AURA is an open access


4. Attach a copy of the 3rd party content [e.g. figure, table, instrument, photo] EXACTLY as it will appear in the dissertation, with proper attribution in the Caption, which should conform to the style [APA, Chicago, etc.] of the dissertation

5. If you are adapting the content at all, you must include in your request both how it appeared in the original, as well as how it will appear in the dissertation

6. There can be no time limit to the permission- something to look for when they reply.

7. Be sure you are contacting the copyright holder, not simply the author/creator. If unsure, perhaps ask 'If you are not the copyright holder, please let me know who to contact'