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GSLC Dissertation Support Guide

Dissertation Manual and Style Choices / Style Manuals


 Ph.D. Program in Leadership and Change Dissertation Manual

  • Your dissertation must meet the requirements of the MOST RECENT version of the Ph.D. Program's Dissertation Handbook current at the time of your submission for review.
  • Download the Dissertation Handbook from the Dissertation Area of the Program's Website


 Style Choices and the Style Manuals

Choosing Your Style

  • In consultation with your Advisor/Chair you should choose among the three styles most consistent with your field of study.  
    •  *APA Style - Organizational studies, Business, Education, Psychological Fields.  This style is most ubiquitous in our program and most common in Leadership Studies.  It is acceptable in our program.
    • Chicago Style - Often used in history or religious studies.  Within Chicago there two Chicago Styles
    • MLA Style - Least common, sometimes chosen for literary and humanities topics

Authoritative Style Manuals -

  • Students should purchase or otherwise have access to the authoritative manual on the chosen style. 
  • The final dissertation will be reviewed for conformity to the MOST RECENT edition of these authoritative manuals.