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GSLC Dissertation Support Guide

Abstract Requirements

The Dissertation Abstract

The abstract is your dissertation's calling card to the world.  The abstract is usually your first connection with every potential reader.   It also is a key feature in discovery of your dissertation through search engines.

Abstract Requirements and Checklist :

  • Number of paragraphs : Abstract should be ONE PARAGRAPH [no returns]
  • CC License Option: If you have chosen a Creative Commons License, this must specified in the abstract mentioning the type of license and linking back the the CC License page.
  • Supplemental Files: If you have included any kind of supplemental files [e.g. datasets, video, audio, pdf] a sentence near the end of the abstract should specify:
    • how many supplemental files
    • type of file
    • whether or not they are also accessible within the PDF.  
    • This includes the author video abstract
  • Length: Abstracts no longer have length requirements in UMI/Proquest, but the print version of the database will cut off at 350 words MAXIMUM.   APA Style calls for 150-250 words, which is most reasonable.    The shorter, the better.
  • Final Sentence:  To enhance discovery every abstract must carry this sentence at the end

 This dissertation is available in open access at AURA: Antioch University Repository and Archive,  and OhioLINK ETD Center,

Selecting Keywords & Subject Headings

Keywords are also essential to your dissertation being discovered online.

Keyword Guidelines:

  • Place the keywords a few lines below the Abstract in your dissertation
  • Your Keyword field is limited to 350 characters
  • The Keywords in the Final Submission Form must match the Keywords in the Dissertation

Selecting Keyword :

Consider:  Which words would someone interested in my dissertation use? 

  • Topic :
    • ‚ÄčLanguage/ Jargon used in your academic field? e,g, community of practice, best self
    • Synonyms and Related Terms: e.g. non-profit, not-for-profit, third sector / eating disorders,  anorexia, bulimia
    • Alternate Spellings:  e.g. organisation, organization
  • Methodology : e.g. grounded theory, qualitative, etc.
  • Population:  e.g.  teachers, executives, African Americans, college students, grandparents
  • Venue:  e.g.  workplace, corporations, elementary schools

Test your Keywords in Google and Google Scholar to see if they yield the items similar to your dissertation.

Subject Headings

On the Final Submission Form you will also be able to select Subject Headings for the Ohiolink ETD Center Archive;

  • These subject headings DO NOT go into your dissertation
  • This is a "Controlled Vocabulary" List.    You cannot change or add to the list.  There is no Subject Heading for LEADERSHIP. So add 'leadership' in your keyword list.
  • Choose the most appropriate subject headings for your dissertation.  

Attached below is the current list from which you will choose.