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GSLC Dissertation Support Guide

Your Dissertation Title

Common Sense in Creating Your Title : 

Your dissertation will be "discovered" by search engines which usually consider the title to be a highly ranked field in search results.

If your essential keywords are in the title,  the higher you go in the list of results.   

The decision as to whether your dissertation citation will be included in bibliographic index may be made in seconds by a glance at the title.   

Best Practice

  • Include keywords in your title which people would be likely to use when searching your topic, including population, methodology, etc.
  • Avoid metaphorical words that have nothing to do with the topic,  e.g.  Emerging from the Chrysalis: The Development of a Leader is NOT about butterflies, but it may be found by entomology searchers.
  • Try to keep your title more specific than general and more straightforward than cute.
  • Test your title in Google Scholar.  Enter the keywords from your title and see what comes up.