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Antioch University ETD - Dissertations and Theses - Central

Information Central for all Antioch University Doctoral students planning, writing, completing, or submitting their dissertation to the university. At Antioch University all dissertations are born digital and submitted electronically - ETDs

About ETD Central

Antioch University ETD - Dissertations and Theses - Central


What Is It?

ETD Central (Electronic Theses & Dissertations Central) is an Antioch University-wide resource describing procedures and dissertation requirements for all doctoral students preparing and submitting their final dissertations. 

At Antioch University our mission is to empower students to "advance social, economic, and environmental justice."  In keeping with the values embedded in this mission, the university requires doctoral students to share their dissertation scholarship in our open access archives that it may be universally available for the common good.  University-wide standards for approved dissertations are described in this website, all AU doctoral students should also check with their program's librarian and doctoral handbook for program-specific requirements.


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