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Introduction to Power Searching Workshop: 1. Session Overview

About this session:

My objective

for this session is that having introduced key terminology around bibliographic searching and modeled the power search approach,  you will be able to return to these interactive, self-directed learning notes and practice power searching on your own.


Understand Google Scholar

Articulate a thesis / search topic

Basic PsycINFO search: the right tool for right job

Concept of peer-review

Nature of scholarly communication

Subject (thesaurus) terms / keyword terms

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Tools of Power Searching Session




Today's session is about the DISCOVERY step of Library Engagement

Focus: Searching Bibliographic Indexes Efficiently and Effectively


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Beginning note

There is no "right" or "wrong" way to search through library resources and other Discovery Tools,

but there are ways to search more effectively with more precision.

Your best measure of your success could be answering "yes" to: 

Did I find what I needed to answer my inquiry ?

...and how do I know?

Power Search Planning

Sample inquiries* see tab 11 for sample power searches of these inquiries

Example 1. 

For my CRR, I am looking at the impact of hospital leadership on patient quailty of care.

Example 2 : 

I need to find scholarly articles regarding the leadership role of nurses as pertains to access to health care.