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Introduction to Power Searching Workshop: 7. Search Platforms

Search Platform Search Syntax

Specific Examples of Search Platform Search Codes

are available on the

Tools of Power Seaching Libguide

See :  Proximity/ Adjacency  and Truncation Tabs

This Page from CSU is a great round up & Crib Sheets of all the codes you need different search platforms.

Connect to CSU Search Platform Code Page


Search Platform & Index are Different

Knowing what is under your cursor entails knowing: 

1. your database 

2. your search platform.

EBSCO is a Search Platform, NOT a Bibliographic Index

The Bibliographic Index dictates the the fields available for searching and the subject headings, keywords and class codes available to us . 

The WAY we search -  the syntax or language we use to search  - are all dictated by the Search Platform.

The most important search platforms you will use in this program

  • EBSCOhost Search Platform :  Hosting 53 bibliographic indexes, including Business Source, all the the Education Indexes, MEDLINE, PsycINFO [plus ebook archives]
  • Proquest Search Platform : Hosting, ABI/Inform [Business, Management, Economics, key Leadership Index], Dissertations and Theses Database,  Psychology Database, as well as eBooks.  
  • Thompson Reuter's Web of Science Platform : Hosting Web of Science Index, Biosis Citation Index, Derwent Innovations Index, and others.


"MY" Search Platform


Personal Accounts within Search Platforms

Most platforms allow you to create an account once you log into the index.

With this account you can :

  • Save Search Strategies
  • Set up email alerts for new things added to the database meeting your search criterion
  • Save records/sometime pdfs
  • Share folders
  • Create RSS feeds