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Introduction to Power Searching Workshop: 9. Fields in Records :Sample Records

Sample Record from PsycINFO with Fields

Key Fields in a Journal Record in PsycINFO  

*highlighted in red ; Key subject cataloguing fields - usually common to all record types

The cataloguing fields are used for subject searching.

  • Title
  • Author
  • Address/Author Affiliation
  • Source [Article citation : Journal Name, Volume, Issue Date, pagination]
  • Page Count
  • Publisher [of the Journal]
  • ISSN number [International Standard Serial No. for Journal]
  • Language
  • Keywords 
  • Abstract : paragraph description of the article
  • Subject Heading [aka Descriptors]
  • Classification Code [Broad category assigned to the record]
  • Population [in this database, [Male, Female, Human, Animal]
  • Location [of the study]
  • Age Group
  • Tests & Measures [Used in the study]
  • Methodology
  • Digital Object Identifier [APA style calls for the DOI to be added to the citation in a list of references]