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Introduction to Power Searching Workshop: 2. Academic Conversation

Academic Conversation

  • The purpose of the Academic Library is to connect the individual scholar to the Academic / Practitioner Conversation on a topic.
  • The academic conversation may include the full range of research [Qualitative - Quantitative], opinion, and theoretical works.
  • The academic conversation is happening across time, across the world, and across disciplines.
  • The conversation may be accessible in many formats - online or in print, including books, reports, magazines, scholarly journals, peer reviewed journals, and grey literature.
  • The Academic Library curates [keeps the full text in an accessible format] and indexes the academic conversation [so things can be found again]

Philosopher's Rock, Sculpture  by Glenna Goodacre  Austin, Texax Attribution :  HoboElvis    

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Two Steps of Engagement with the Academic Library


[What has been written, done, studied on my inquiry topic?]



Having identified the articles/books/reports, etc, now how do I get them to "read" [ or view in the case of graphics or videos]  them 

This Session is about Step 1:  

Discovery /Identification 

The DiscoveryTools and the Search Process  used with these tools