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Finding Conference Proceedings


Special note - We Deliver (Interlibrary Loan):

Requesting conference proceedings through Interlibrary Loan may take longer than traditional journal article requests.  These items may take longer to locate and may only be available as an abstract.  Sometimes these items are not available from other libraries, especially if they were supplied only to attendees or not published in print format. 

Searching Strategies

  • Search society and organization websites for information about their publications. 
  • Enter keywords from a specific citation into the society's site search box - will often provide additional details about the publication. 
  • Look for information for meeting abstracts on the society's web pages.
  • Association websites typically only include information from recent meetings.  Looking for older publications on these sites will generally not produce results.
  • Sometimes publications often may only be available to attendees of the specific meeting or to members of the organization.