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This is your customizable box to hold information and links especially related to your area of interest, above and beyond the Shortcut box  on the right.  You can let me know what you would like added using the boxes on the right or simply email me . Deb

First Year Leadershp and Change Resources, esp. first year. - to explore !

Hi Maria :  I look forward to our meeting and wondering about your areas of interest.   Clearly, being a leader in HIgher Education - that might be your area of interest - but you background in language and international relations ..  suggests perhaps other areas of interest.     Since you have a library on-site, I did double check to see where thre is redundancy in databases.    DeVry does not have PsycINFO which wil be one your most important databases,   so I suggest - even with the valuable resources you have on hand at your library ..  you don't overlook that one .   We can talk.

Just for the fun of exploring students with similar backgrounds I thought you might be interested in Mark Allen's dissertation he Nature of Relationship Construction and Maintenance for New College Presidents: An Exploratory Study

or Robbie Hertneky Leadership Self-Identity of Women College Presidents

Both can be downloaded from the Ohiolink ETD CENTER,P6_ETD_INST_DEPTID:2,1137