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search for article with EH 2018

check and see what databases you have access to- this search was ed Research Complete. Others I suggested: Ed Full Text, Professional Dev Collection, ERIC, and PQ Dissertations and Theses.

see if you can create a similar search using their thesaurus/subject term list (remembering that each database may have their own slightly different terms)- I can send you a few of these if you're entirely blocked...

January 21, 2016 Concept Paper

climate/culture  or voice/inclusion ..  but not faculty and not student .. in education .. mainly higher



this folder might have nothing in it..  accidentally erased

ILA Continued

ILA A Continued Folder


ize recommends I extend my list of literature that I to explore to hone in specifically on the nexus of POS, Inclusion and Org Climate and Culture - especially some of the recent literature 2014/2015 will focus on this.

Exit, Voice, Loyalty



October 12 2015

My research direction is to understand how organizational climate and culture link together to build positive organizations (Luthans, 2002a, p. 59); Specifically, positive organizations that have a dual focus on employee well-being and worthy performance. My aim is to leverage grounded theory with OD consultant participants to understand these dynamics as I see the generation of a theory could offer a solid foundation to my continued research as a scholar-practitioner and my goal of helping leaders understand the applicability of such dynamics in practitioner settings. 
At this juncture I am planning my ILA-A and it is critical for me to further develop an understanding of workplace climate and inclusion. 
My preliminary individual curriculum design idea is to
1. Become familiar with academic literature on workplace climate and inclusion.

2. Develop an annotated bibliography based on extensive readings that support positive behaviors

Positive Organizational Behavior?

Workplace Climate

Workplace Inclusion

Oxford Handbooks

Here is the handbook you do not have

Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology and Work  

Edited by Nicola Garcea, Susan Harrington, and P. Alex Linley



Laura's Book :

Roberts, Laura Morgen. Exploring Positive Identities and Organizations : Building a Theoretical and Research Foundation. Hove, GBR: Psychology Press, 2009. ProQuest ebrary.

..... shaping inclusive climate and culture important

*****Nishii , LIsa ..  like here stuff

In Laura's book :  Diversity at Work .. 

Has practice of Inclusion.


***PARTICPATIVE Leadership .. not necessarily .. Leadership..   more ..  employee perception

** particiapit.  decision-making ///  transparency


Book Notes :  e Books Diversity at  work


July 24 2015

Hi Maria!

So we looked at either (organizational culture) or (organizational climate) and employee empowerment, and then explored how these intersect with grounded theory- all as subject terms.

see you in YS!

June 13 2015

Hi Maria-

This is what we found when we looked at the intersection of organizational climate/culture and inclusion/diversity.

great meeting you- look forward to seeing you in YS!


ILA A continued April 9

Shared REfworks folder  ILA-A

.. Climate .. individual

...Culture ..  Group

More about the below


ABI/Inform ..

Web of Science.. forward citation trail

Cinahl ..  Nursing database ..  two words in title .. not out SAFETY


Be sure to check the OTHER POSSIBILITIES search on box below

question - Feb 3 2015

Good morning, Deb!
You may recall we spent a lot of time on workplace culture/climate as I was delving into my CRR. The work has helped me to realize that these are 2 very different concepts so I wanted to do some preliminary exploration on climate by itself. I am sort of looking for a starting point to refine my search. I jumped into PsychInfo on my own and was disappointed to come up with many of the false drops we saw before (safety, crisis, etc) and few articles that really address the concept.


Interesting, isn't it, that PsycINFO cataloguers consider the two terms interchangeable in the Thesaurus of Descriptors ?   For this question,  I turned to reference books,  handbooks etc.   Unfortunately we lost a great set of the Oxford Handbooks, but I still had access to some things.   I think I found just the right chapter .. at least to begin.. as we really wanted people talking about the differences .  


Attached below..  We can keep going .. but have  look at this rather scholarly treatment of the question of the distinction and see if this is what you seek ?

I think this chapter could be a BINGO on your question. I have attached it below

Schneider, B., Ehrhart, M. G., & Macey, W. H. (2011). Perspectives on organizational climate and culture. In S. Zedeck, S. Zedeck (Eds.) , APA handbook of industrial and organizational psychology, Vol 1: Building and developing the organization (pp. 373-414). Washington, DC, US: American Psychological Association. doi:10.1037/12169-012


from the abstract

The chapter is about two siblings. They share much in common but have typically failed to see the benefits that might accrue to them if they learned more about each other and the ways that each could complement its own strengths to be more effective. The siblings go by the names organizational climate and organizational culture. They emerged from different academic traditions and times, but their focus—in the psychological life of organizations—has produced perspectives with oddly great conceptual similarity and increasingly similar research tactics, similarities that some culture researchers frequently deny although there have been attempts at rapprochement (Denison, 1996; Reichers & Schneider, 1990; Schneider, 2000). In what follows, we first review the history and current status of research and theory on organizational climate, the older sibling. Organizational climate inherited much of its psychological parents' heritage with a focus on psychological issues involving perception, affect, and attitudes.


This is my other favorite

Also this :  The Annual Review has these big massive lit. reviews.   Only problem with this is we get it in print. .so usually we have to We Deliver it - but I found the article in open access archive so here it is attached below

Organizational Climate and Culture

Annual Review of Psychology

Vol. 64: 361-388 (Volume publication date January 2013)
First published online as a Review in Advance on July 30, 2012
DOI: 10.1146/annurev-psych-113011-143809
Benjamin Schneider,1 Mark G. Ehrhart,2 and William H. Macey1


CRR continued . Nov. 10

Shared Refworks Folder

Multi Strategy Search Model

How can leaders leverage culture for organizational effectiveness
How does leadership bridge with culture for org. success
Leadership styles .. culture ..
How can .. colleague success

Success is NOT .. job satisfaction
**focus on Leaders ..

Tertiary Databases : Business Source

Persistent LINK back to Business Source Search

Return to Dissertations Database

Try this LINK

or type this in

ti(culture OR climate) AND (ti(leader*) OR diskw(leader*) OR su(leader*))

oct 27 CRR continued

Shared Refworks Folder


Getting started with Refworks

Strategy 1: Bibliographic Indexes

PsyINFO  - ABI/Inform - Business Source Complete


See Synonym Chart

1.  Concept

Workplace Culture


Organization Culture


Organzational Climats

2.  Postive Psychology  [organization]  in psycINFO thesaurus this is the definition: "Approach to psychology that emphasizes optimism and positive human functioning instead of focusing on psychopathology and dysfunction."

Return LINK to Postive Org. Psychology

positive w1 organizational w1 psychology 

3.  Complexity and leadership

One i like

The role of leadership for shaping organizational culture and building employee engagement in the Bulgarian gaming industry.

Academic Journal

Stanislavov, Ivaylo; Ivanov, Stanislav; Tourism: An International Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol 62(1), 2014. pp.19-40. Publisher: Institut za Turizam [JournalArticle]

Subjects: Leadership Style; Organizational Climate; Adulthood (18 yrs & older)

A Journal we found : Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture

Two Literature Review we really like

A multilevel framework: Expanding and bridging micro and macro levels of positive behavior with leadership.
Searle, Travis P., University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, US, 
Barbuto, John E. Jr., Center for Leadership, Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, California State University, Fullerton, CA, US
Searle, Travis P., University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, US, 68583-0709, 
Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, Vol 20(3), Aug, 2013. pp. 274-286.

Positive organizational psychology, behavior, and scholarship: A review of the emerging literature and evidence base.

Academic Journal

Donaldson, Stewart I.; Ko, Ia; The Journal of Positive Psychology, Vol 5(3), May, 2010. pp.177-191. Publisher: Taylor & Francis [JournalArticle]

Subjects: Industrial and Organizational Psychology; Organizational Behavior; Organizational Effectiveness; Positive Psychology; Quality of Work Life


CRR Sept 15, 2014

CRR preparation. Preliminary topic/question is centered around exploring the parallels that exist with motivating employees in the workplace compared to motivating adults in higher education classrooms.

Motivating adult learns in Higher education..    see prelim venn  

Mutli-Strategy Search Model


Strategy 1:

PsyINFO  - ABI/Inform - Business Source Complete

Strategy 2:

Example of book I found int EBSCO EBOOK COLLECTION

Latham, G. P. (2007). Work Motivation : History, Theory, Research, and Practice. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Sage Publications.

bibl attache.

..Mining bibliographies of recent , right on relevent dissertations  in Dissertations and These Databases

Strategy 3


Question via LibAnswers

Some researchers have referenced the Institute of Crisis Management for crisis statistics. My understanding is that this organization produces

Some researchers have referenced the Institute of Crisis Management for crisis statistics. My understanding is that this organization produces some time of annual reports logging crises. Where do I go to search for that?
Researching crisis leadership for the NOLB.

Deb Reply.   the ICM report for 2012 .. can be downloaded on this page ..  after you create an account .

I don't find any indication in World Cat of a 2013 report

Their other publications are listed here

I added a quick search in PsycINFO

Now here is also a book .. delivered in chapters [pdf format] in Business Source databases [usually just articles in here] from the Center for Creative Leadership where BTW Lize consults.

called Crisis Leadership..  Now this should take you back to it

but I also made a list attached below of all the chapters and there are links back to the database and full text.

NOL - LA residency March 2014


General stuff

 is the general article I was saying was so good  and you can get it for free here :

Avolio, B. J., Walumbwa, F. O., & Weber, T. J. (2009). Leadership: Current theories, research, and future directions. Annual Review of Psychology, 60, 421-449.

look for next key article in this issue of Leadership Quarterly

Here is the 25th anniversary big overview article

January 22, 2013 - question

  • Shared Refworks Folder of these Citations

    Question from Maria:

    My case study learning achievement is taking a look at adaptive change as seen with DeVry’s institutional history. I have completed my interviews with some tenured DeVry people – such a rich history! I am interested in confirming some dates specifically 1) when the DeVry family sold the DeVry school to Bell & Howell Corporation 2) When the Lee Deforest Training School changed its name to DeVry School of Technology [and other name changes over the last 8 decades 3) When Bell & Howell sold DeVry.

    Deb's Reply
  • general :  The main things you asked for I think are answered by Mergent Online ..  but I have included other snippets, short articles, etc.  from the Business and one Education Index that might supplement your search.  Also I have a few dissertations.. see below
  • First Step :  Mergent Online

    Complete Company Information in MERGENT [Company Information]   LINK HERE

    Link directly to Mergent section on DeVry LINK HERE


    I have attached the HISTORY SECTION at the bottom of this box
  •  second step.. ABI/INFORM - bibliographic index for business, management and economics.    I gathered in several citations to "articles" listed in ABI/Inform [business management and economics index] with DeVry in the Company field of the record.   Many of these are short blurb articles .. some are longer.   I printed the list of citations with the FULL TEXT if it were available.   So if it sasy "FULL TEXT" on the record, you have before you the text of the article..  If it does not say that, then you just have the citation and you must go to the A-Z to get the article. 
  • third step..  Dissertations - Dissertations and Theses Database I thought if someone HAPPENED to write a dissertation about DeVry .. because dissertations are so extensive ..  they may have included a. a history of the institution in the introductory material  and/or b.  references to key documents etc.  in the bibliography.   Everything in this database is downloadable in full text [almost everything] .. so you should be able to follow the link I provide with the abstract and download the dissertation.
  • fourth step..BUSINESS SOURCE INDEX  This is a runner up index to ABI.  As with ABI it lists peer reviewed articles as well as newsclippings etc.    If it were a short clip and I had it in the database, I included it in the results..   If you want anything further,  there is a return link with each abstract that takes you back into the index and from there you can connect to the A-Z .. and if it is not in the A-Z , you can autofill a We Deliver request.   I will show you .  
  • fifth step.. ERIC education Index.   one of our four education indexes..  ERIC includes articles - peer-review and trade, industry newsletters, and ERIC documents .. of which there is one - however on the PDF it says "Release Pending" so if you wanted that you might have to try We Deliver

for the ERIC document ..We Deliver form ..  call it an ERIC DOCUMENT and note somewhere on the form that the ED number is ED457749

This seems to be the only Peer Review Journal article I have found fYI

Glass, S. (1995). Hire Education. An Affordable College Sets the Standard for Career Training. Policy Review, (72), 44-48.


october .. Intro session


What is  Searches with Deb?"

On this page, whenever I work with you, we will leave links, documents and a record of everything we found, including but not limited to :

  • Refshare Link back to all citations
  • key web links, e.g. to key journals, ebooks, etc. which we discover
  • a log of what  databases we used, strategies, search sets etc. we searched
  • link to recording of our online session
  • images of Venn Diagrams and synonym charts we built during the session while planning the search
  • attachments of html pages  linking back to results / full text deliver, and our We Deliver Document Delivery Service
  • attachments of document
  • instructional videos

8/12/13 - Information Request re. Refworks - asynchronous

Maria, writes : Thank you for all of the information you posted last week. I look forward to having an opportunity to meet with you after 9/15/13. In the meantime I would like to become familiar with refworks as I embark on my RLE. Are there any resources you suggest I access to better understand refworks? Additionally, I am curious to know if reworks is something we have access to through Antioch or if I need to subscribe to it on my own.

Deb Answers : Absolutely Maria !   I will provide the information right here in this box and the links attached to this box.   You will note that I also have the GROUP CODE prominently displayed on your front page box.   We use Refworks extensively and I provide you refworks links for all citations discovered in a library consultation.  Usually our first Refworks Session is at the Keene Residency, but I have switched that around this year, so I will do it in Seattle AND offer an inter-residency online session.   There is no reason at all, however, why you cannot jump right in and get started with that motivation.  Your Refworks account is free.   You may have as many accounts as you like under our Group Code and as long as we have Refworks - which will be a long time - you can keep your account, even after you graduate.  

The Group Code is rwantiochuys

Attached below you will find a private web page [i.e. undiscoverable in the Libguides Website without the link] to my first Refworks Session page..  with many links ..  some items which bear explaining and others self explanatory.

I call your attention to the Refworks YouTube Channel - also on your front page

I also like the Refworks tutorials ..  you can just bit off little pieces.  There are links to tutorials also in your account.

The To-Do page ..  gives you some things to try, but as you can see.. the links and instructions are from LAST YEAR.. as these have not been added yet for this year

The Leadership and Change Libguides PUBLIC website for Refworks info is also give below. 

I hope this is enough to get you started.   I will be here all this week if you have any questions.  Deb