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Curating your Scholarly Identity: Dissertation Author Introduction Video

"Put simply, your scholarly identity is the product of your training, areas of expertise, methodological inclination, interests, publications, research agenda, reputation and anything else that may be important in your field. Thus, your scholarly identity is multifaceted and (ideally) signals to anyone who researches your work (googles you), what you have done, what you are doing and what you can potentially do in the future." 

Control you own digital narrative (as much as you can)

Managing and taking control of your scholarly identity can:

  • Increase the discoverability of your work and set yourself apart
  • Enable research relationships across institutions
  • Reduce false or misleading information in search results

Take your first steps towards managing your scholarly identity by

  • Keeping a list of your publications, datasets, and grey literature
  • Using online services such as ORCiD, Google Scholar, and LinkedIn


Your AURA page is the first step in an intentional move towards controlling your digital presence