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Curating your Scholarly Identity: Dissertation Author Introduction Video


  • Raised 52.6 million - Goldman, Sachs, Bill Gates, German government.
  • Make money by selling advertising space, job ads
  • Criticized for spamming. Sending unsolicited invitations to co-authors.  Pretending to be you.
  • Started by scientists - has a science leaning... and a U.S., European leaning
  • Wikipedia says it generates automatic profiles
  • Uses a crawler to link to some legal papers - then presented as if they are theirs.
  • You can upload your own copies, legally or illegally. 
  • Does provide metrics - but can they be trusted?
  • Familiar social networking... comments
  • High percentage might be low level scholars
  • Have to create an account....  Just as in Facebook you are selling your information... They want to monetize you.


Predatory Journals Index. Not an exhaustive list, and is mostly curated by one person:


From Forbes:


SciHub explained: