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Scaffolded library skills year 1-4 and alumni

Year 1 GSLC Reflective Learner

Format / Access

  • Basic PsycINFO search (Venn diagrams, combining searches, etc.)
  • Navigating the GSLC library to find readings / using citations
  • We Deliver / ILL
  • eBook use and access
  • Time and place for Google Scholar- how to use it to your advantage

Storage of research / information

  • RefWorks / citation management
  • ‘My’ accounts in databases

Ethical considerations

  • Use of information / scholar’s copy
  • Nature of scholarly communication (free vs. proprietary access, predatory sites, etc.)
  • Concept of peer-review
  • Attribution

Search Exploration

  • Articulate a thesis / search topic
  • Subject (thesaurus) terms / keyword terms