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Web of Science Citation Index

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Web of Science Citation Index

Discover high impact, key or seminal works in a field or topic

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Web of Science Citation Index

What is it?

In the Web of Science, "Science" "Knowledge"The index is NOT limited to life, physical, or mathematical science. It indexes ALL academic scholarly research, This is a multidisciplinary database, focused largely on articles from high-impact, peer-reviewed journals, although conference proceedings are included..

Web of Science is a large scholarly index, constructed to excel at forward and backward citation searching, rather than subject searching. By following the "who cited whom"  trail forward a few generations, a community of scholars emerges, often across disciplines. 

The Web of Science Citation Index allows you to :

  • discover high impact, key or seminal  works in a field or topic
  • identify highly cited, high impact scholarly journals & authors
  • build a reference "landscape" by identifying and visualizing the relationships between scholarly work