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ULRICHSWEB Global Serials Directory

Detailed information on more than 300,00 periodicals [serials]

ULRICHSWEB Global Serials Directory

ULRICHSWEB Global Serials Directory
 A reference tool for all information ABOUT a serials [i.e. periodicals].
This is NOT an index to discover individual journal articles.

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ULRICHSWEB Global Serials Directory

What Is It?

ULRICHSWEB Global Serials Directory is a reference tool for all information ABOUT a serials [i.e. periodicals].  Periodicals include scholarly and practitioner journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, peer-reviewed journals, most bibliographic indexes - in print or electronic - including current and discontinued serials. 

ULRICHSWEB usually provides this information on the periodical:

  • if a journal is peer-reviewed [referreed] or not
  • publisher information including location and website
  • all previous names of the periodical
  • editorial focus, scope, and sometimes a brief review of the periodical
  • which bibliographic index has indexed the periodical and for how long
  • brief searchable table of contents
  • ISSN number
  • brief reviews for some entries.


  • ULRICHSWEB is a DIRECTORY to information ABOUT periodicals  - NOT an index in which to discover individual journal articles

  • In ULRICHSWEB  "Refereed"  is the term used for "Peer-Reviewed."