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How to Begin: GSLC Library Overview & Services

How to Begin


The 21st Century Library is no longer a set of rooms with books.   It is a Set of Services.

The work of the academic library is to capture, curate, and make accessible both the accumulated knowledge of the human race and academic conversation around that knowledge across time and space.  

To this end our Academic Library provides tools, resources, and services to support you in this quest and your academic work.




In our Library you will find:

1.   Discovery Tools

to Identify Information on that topic — Databases, Specialized Search Engines, Selected Bibliographies
Note that all Guides on the major Discovery Tools and Databases have 4 Tabs on the left for helping you with:

  • What the resource is/important information
  • How to power search that resource
  • How to manage, save, organize what you discover
  • Making an appointment with your librarian for help or support

 START: with the 01 Search Databases & Discovery Tools dropdown 

2.  Full Text Resources

to Acquire the Identified Information — Physical books and eBooks Journals, worldwide Dissertations, Conference Proceedings, Reports, Documents, and much more.

 START: with the 02 Find Full Text  and 03 Books including eBooks dropdowns​

3.  Tools for Organizing Resources

to archive, notate, and track all your library work — Lifetime Bibliographic Manager Accounts via Reworks

 START: with the 07 Write and Cite as a Scholar

4.   Personalized Support

Support Services — Professional Librarian, experienced in doctoral support, offering weekly schedules of online and face to face private consultations and instructional group sessions,   

 START: by making an appointment with your Librarian

5.   Free Document Delivery to all Antioch Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Use WeDeliver! for everything you cannot download from the A-Z Gateway
  • Journals and Book Chapters - sent electronically  Returnables- books, videos, etc. - sent by mail 
  • Turn Around Time is very fast

 START: by exploring the Guide on WeDeliver!

6.    A Showcase of Scholarly Work by Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Staff

 START: with the 10 Enjoy the GSLC Community Scholarship Showcase