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Finding Private Libguides Pages

Personal Customized Pages and Cohort Pages

How to Find Private Libguides Pages

Finding Private Libguides Pages
Pages that AUPHDLC users do not access through the main Library site 

In addition to the public Libguides available at this library site, we provide several private Libguides that are accessed via links on your Cohort Page in the Program Site. (Use the green PhD in Leadership and Change icon in AUDirect — click button for your cohort)

These include :

  • Residency Readings Lists
  • Learning Achievement Library Support Pages
  • ​Inquiry Methods Feeds

Personal Libguides Pages

  • Additionally, a personal Libguides page is created for each student.  You manage the link via your own bookmarks or other strategy that works for you. Every Student is given a private URL to access this page. If you do not know your Libguides address, please contact a program librarian.

A Personal Libguides page:

  • is a personalized gateway to key library resources and tools relevant to the students
  • provides links to the private Libguides pages within the AU Leadership and Change Community Site.
  • houses an archive of all individual library consultations, including search results, search strategies, shared Refworks folder of citations, search plans and links to resources.