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ETD - Checklist & Key AU ETD Documents: Checklist & Key Docs

Key documents related to the final submission process 1. those that apply to all students and program-specific documents

Program Specific Documents

In this column are key documents which outline specific requirements of individual doctoral programs.   Please also consult your program's dissertation handoobk and other documents provided by the department.

Program Specific - Documents & Links - PhD Leadership & Change

 Documents, Checklists, & Requirements for PhD in Leadership & Change Dissertations

PhD Program in L & C requires that all dissertations pass a review by the program's Style Editor BEFORE final submission.  The Style Editor Checklist below is a key document in preparing the ETD for Style Editor Review. Related document describe the document process through to final submission.


Program Specific - Documents & Links - PsyD Santa Barbara

 Documents, Checklists, & Requirements for PsyD in Clinical Psychology, Santa Barbara

Dissertation Handbook - AueID required

Key Documents -Preparing your Dissertation for Submission

 Documents, Checklists, & Requirements for ALL AU Dissertations 

Remember .. Every program has its own Dissertation Handbook with program specific requirements.   

These are the university- wide standards that apply to ALL programs.  Please check your local departments for further requirements in format or process.

AU University-Wide ETD Checklist and other support documents below