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ERIC Database

Premier Index for Education Studies

About ERIC

ERIC [Educational Research Information Center]

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ERIC Database

What is it?

  • created in 1964 by the U.S. Federal Government to serve the needs of the entire U.S. education community, including researchers, teachers, administrators, parents, board members, etc.
  • includes content related to education at all levels including, preschool, higher education, adult education, etc.
  • Two subfiles :  CIJE:  Current Index to Journals in Education [EJ records] and [RIE] Resources in Education [ED]Records
    • CIJE section indexes peer reviewed and practioner journals covering educational topics.  
    • RIE section indexes documents, e.g. reports, studies, white papers,  pertaining to education gathered by RIE or submitted.  Many of these documents can downloaded within the index.  In 1993, RIE subfile also started indexing selected books.
  • professionally indexed with controlled vocabulary descriptors - thesaurus
  • mandatory educational level descriptors [subject headings], e.g. Higher Education, Elementary Education.
  • EBSCO search platform