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Copyright Basics

Bottom line

The readings you obtain through the library, either downloaded from a database, received through We Deliver, or accessed through an eBook, are your scholar's copy under fair use.

They may NOT be shared with others, copied for others, or posted on a public/private shared site. This is not only a violation of our agreements with the vendors, but deprives others the ineffable joy of researching on their own.

Librarian recommendations for faculty

There are many excellent resources. Here are a few that may address your most urgent questions:

Please read this

Faculty, staff, and students of Antioch University must comply with the University's Copyright Policy. In accordance with that Policy, resources have been assembled here to provide copyright education and guidance in complying with copyright law and the University's Policy.

Decisions to use the copyrighted work of others must be based on careful consideration of copyright law as well as fair use and other exemptions provided for in the law. You will find links at the right to information that can help in determining whether or not a proposed use of copyrighted work is in compliance with or an infringement of copyright regulations. Individuals are responsible for making their own decisions about copyright compliance. Questions about the use of copyrighted material can be directed to your campus librarians or to Rebecca Todd, Antioch University Counsel for Regulatory Affairs

For students

Copyright laws and fair use apply to students too! Use the links below to find information that will help you make informed choices about using the copyrighted work of others.