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AU Holdings A-Z Gateway to AU Full Text Journals and Ebooks

Power Searching Information

 Ready to Power Search the AU Holdings A-Z Gateway
 to Full Text Journals and eBooks?


Here are the most important things to remember:

  1. This A-Z Gateway is a quick look-up to use when you know are looking for, and you want the full text.
  2. It is also possible browse a journal title by connecting to the journal in the archive.
  3. This is NOT a subject discovery tool, rather, it is a connector to full text.
  4. It is recommended that you search for Journal material by JOURNAL TITLE, rather than Article Title because it is more reliable. 
  5. Use Book Title when searching for eBooks.


The journals and eBooks are in multiple platforms - but the process is basically the same. For Journals, connect by Journal Title, then choose year, volume, number, article  - and look for the pdf link. How this looks will be slightly different on each platform. With eBooks, every book platform is different. For most eBook platforms you need to go to the chapter level to go to the pdf.