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Refworks: How to Transfer Records from a Shared Folder

Text: How to Import from a Shared Folder

How to Transfer a Shared Folder (such as the residency reading folders) Into Your Refworks

1: View the Shared Folder in your Refworks

  1. Open your browser
  2. Open your own Refworks in one tab on browser
  3. In another tab go to the URL [web address] of the shared folder    
  4. Now back at your Refworks —  the shared folder appears in your Refworks account with a little guy  popping out of the folder icon.  Note that this is READ ONLY .. you are looking into someone else's shared folder 


2: Get the citations OUT of  the shared folder and INTO a new FOLDER that you name in Your account.

  1. So click on the shared popping out guy folder 
  2. Now click Select ALL IN LIST button at the top of the RECORDS in the displayed folder
  3. Now Click SAVE .The save icon looks like a floppy disc.  Remember those ?
  4. All the records transfer into your Refworks — LAST IMPORTED FOLDER. This is a temporary folder.


3:  Move citation from this temporary folder to your permanent folder

  1. Select ALL IN LIST again and move them to your permanent folder


That is a written explanation. Watch the video at the top of this page.  A picture is worth a thousand words :)