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Library Icons — What do they Mean?

Library Icons — What do they Mean?

Library Icons

  Library Icons — What do they Mean?



Link to a database or discovery tool. Most of these require logins. Most logins use the same credentials as you use for AUDirect

Indicates a resource of particular interest or value for searching for and finding resources on the topic of Leadership and Change

Link to a Guide page in Libguides that will provide you with information AND a link to other resources


Alert — indicates important information to note on that topic

Link to an external webpage
Link to a pdf document


Link to a video

Link to an image

Link to a document

Link to a tutorial
Link to an event or to an appointment signup


General icon to "point it out that..."




Sample search, sample fields, or related information

Power search icon

Manage the resources you find icon

Link to audio file


Link to the AURA database


Link to Ohiolink


Link to RefWorks

Link to WeDeliver!
Link to Google Scholar

Link to a Google Books


Link to a Facebook page